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With the current technology advancements, retailers are met with numerous POS softwares to choose from. It becomes difficult to pick a system suitable for them, and most of the times end up picking based on ratings and peer advice. However, by choosing this way retailers end up with softwares that only serve a small percentage of their needs or that have unnecessary functionalities for their businesses, leading to wasted acquisition costs.

Xoko has come up with a comprehensive checklist for retailers to use while shopping for a POS system for their businesses. This checklist not only guarantees ROI but efficiency and effective management as well.

A good POS System should have the following features:

  1. Cloud based

An efficient POS System should allow you to manage your retail business from anywhere in the world at any time.

  1. Manage Multiple Outlets

This is for retailers who have multiple store outlets or are looking to expand with time. Invest in a POS that allows you to manage all your outlets in one dashboard. Monitor sales and receive reports per outlet within a single interface at any time.

  1. Customer Management

A POS Software should allow you to engage with your customers efficiently. Get a system that allows you to upload customer information, award customer loyalty points and give discounts.

  1. Inventory Management

An efficient POS System should facilitate receiving, transferring, adjusting and returning of stock. You should be able to upload stock items, descriptions,quantities and even suppliers into your system, either as single items or in bulk. This is usually via a pre-prepared CSV file. Look for a software that allows you to arrange your stock items according to categories and outlets.

5.Reporting & Analytics

You want to purchase a POS that gives you comprehensive reports and analytics based on your own timelines. Analytics include sales analytics, inventory analytics & store analytics. This will give you a clear picture of what decisions you need to make over time to achieve maximum profits.

6.Accepting Payments

With technological advancement comes evolution in payment systems. Allow your customers the flexibility of paying using cash, card or mobile money at your retail store. A good POS System has all these functions in one such that you should not be required to purchase peripherals to facilitate payments, reducing the bulk of managing multiple payments 

  1. Receipting

You want to purchase a POS System that will allow you to print receipts and send digital receipts to your customers via email or SMS.

XOKO All In One Solution has incorporated all these features to provide retail merchants with the best POS money can buy.

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